My name is TeriAnn Trevenen and I am the Founder of Ailani.

I am a single mother of two amazing girls (10 and 7), serial CEO and entrepreneur, dreamer, and lover of life!

I founded Ailani as a support group for women who are contemplating a divorce, going through a divorce, or who are healing and moving on after a divorce.

Ailani means high chief and powerful woman in the Hawaiian culture. When I first heard this word, it resonated with me deeply. I believe that all women are powerful and that we can use our power to create and build a powerful journey that helps us to achieve our dreams and live as the very best version of ourselves.

When I think about going through my own divorce, I was devastated and defeated. I was navigating unknown territory and everything in my life was uncertain. I felt unsure, inadequate, and alone. Very alone.

I didn’t know what to do, where to go, or who to turn to for advice, resources, and support.

There were a lot of costs, a lot of sleepless nights, many tears, multiple mistakes, hurtful words, feelings of inadequacy, and separation and isolation, feeling like no one else could possibly understand.

I came out stronger on the other side, eventually re-built a relationship with my ex-husband, and found more love for myself…………but I did not come out unscathed. Healing took a long time and was a process. In some ways I am still healing.

Divorce is consuming, expensive, and extremely difficult.

I created and I moderate Ailani to be a resource, support, and community for women who are experiencing any aspect of a divorce, so that no woman has to go through this alone.

You will have a powerful community of women to connect with. You will be able to post inspiration, lessons learned, and questions in the community around the four foundational principles.

Ailani is structured around the four foundational principles of navigating a divorce: relationships, finances, legal issues, and self-healing and growth.

The goal of Ailani is to help women to heal, to become stronger, and to live their best life after divorce.

I want to add massive value in your life.

I want you to reclaim your life!

I want you to be financially stable!

I want you to reclaim your broken relationships with your ex, your children, your friends, and your family!

I want you to reinvent your relationship with yourself!

I want you to find your power!

I want you to create a life filled with growth and fulfilling your dreams!

I want you to win!

I am here to support you!

While I would never wish divorce on anyone, I truly believe that divorce is not the end of your life, but a new journey in your life–to grow, change, overcome, and be a powerful woman.

A woman who owns her life and writes her own story.

Healing starts with learning and finding support.

Come and reclaim your life!

Divorce does not have to be the end of your happiness, health, and future!

Find support, resources, help, and community through Ailani.

It doesn’t matter if you are deciding whether or not divorce is right for you. If you are going through a divorce right now, or if you are taking back your life after your divorce:

Ailani, Our Community, Our Experts, and I, are here for you!

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